Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aran Pullover extra heavy

This is one of my favorite crochet Aran pullovers.  This is is very heavy and done in 4ply worsted.  I used two different colors of 2ply each to make the upper portion of the sweater.  I wanted a very heavy sweater to wear in the winter outside so I wouldn't have to wear a coat.  Here again is the link for the sweater,

I did not follow the pattern completely.  I did not like the turtleneck and adjusted it to a rib turtleneck.  I also did not like the sleeves.  With such a beautiful pattern in the body of the sweater, I felt it could be made into the sleeve.  I love the lobster stitch and the braid for the sleeve. It was just a matter of centering the lobster stitch and than counting so that each side was equal. It is one of my favorite sweaters and I hope you like it.

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